Professional Therapeutic Consulting

We have tried everything and nothing seems to help. We don’t know where to turn.
Photo by pixdeluxe/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by pixdeluxe/iStock / Getty Images


Often, you don’t know who to turn to

in order to solve mental health and addiction issues. What programs are out there? What type of treatment do I need? Perhaps you have tried everything but have not seen improvement. You need an advocate to guide you through the process.

Families hire us to help them outline a path to resolution. We assess and develop treatment path for their loved one. We start by identifying specific underlying treatment issues or obstacles and recommend programs that will target them. These programs range from personal and social development, educational travel to clinically comprehensive treatment centers.

It doesn’t end with the recommendation. We oversee and case manage the treatment with weekly phone calls with staff and the family. When needed, We advocate for changes or additional support for the whole family. 

Our relationships and connections throughout the country allow us to make the best match for individualized needs to ensure sustained outcomes. We regularly, travel all over the country visiting and evaluating programs and staff to ensure programs are actually doing what they say they do.

We tour and visit on the grounds with everyone from the CEO to the kitchen staff when we are there. We work independently, in the interest of the family first and have no financial affiliation with the treatment centers we work with. 

Where We add the greatest value: Clinicians and admissions staff at treatment centers tell me continually that our assessments are the most thorough. We can identify obstacles and challenges with your situation before you engage in treatment. This expedites the process, reduces the overall cost, and most importantly, gives you a sense of comfort, that things are headed in the right direction. No more feeling of helplessness. 

THANK YOU! Amanda You matched our son to the right therapists & programs. We are so grateful for what you have given to us.
— Parent of a young adult