Premier Concierge Services

I needed to have flexibility...

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The Premier Concierge Services offer flexibility to meet your life's demands. 

Premier Concierge Services are for those who have unique complexity in their lives (status, privacy concerns, and busy schedules).

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I wanted our services to be unique for one primary reason; Integrative Approach Consultants work with multiple relationships. In a family, each member adds a layer of complexity and has a tremendous effect on the individual and the unit as a whole.

Premier Concierge Services provide you and your family with flexible access to a variety of settings and modalities, including: phone and video sessions, assessment and treatment planning, parent and family coaching, coordinated referrals, therapeutic oversight & collaboration with other professionals.  We engage with the entire family to benefit the concerned individual, often breaking into smaller groupings and conducting sessions with family members, as well as relationship coaching and guiding.

We also engage in many collateral conversations with other professionals, such as psychiatrist, school counselor, social worker, etc. to build a multi-faceted support system and healthy structure around the client and for the family.

Premier Promise

Speed and Flexibility: that is what the Premier Services are all about. It is the ability to reach us, your trusted professional, when and where you need us. Unexpected crises happen. In those critical moments, you can get the support you need: in important decision, interventions for behavioral problems at home or simply someone to talk to.

•      Email reply: Rapid response to email (within 24 hours), as well as access to texting and phone communication.

•      Extended hours: Finding time to work around busy calendars can be difficult. Premier clients have access to extended hours of operation and weekend time slots, as well as priority scheduling during peak hours.

•      Same-day service: As a Premier Client, if you are experiencing an immediate need to connect with your consultant, your consultant will prioritize you.


Additional Services:

•      Specific requests for treatment and program evaluations

•      Tailored retreats and immersion programs