My situation is such that I need more than a weekly appointment. I can’t go in for an hour and then return to home or work. I need time to reflect on session and integrate into daily life.

Retreats & Workshops

This is where things are fluid and customized to your situation. Maybe a crisis has occurred and you need in-depth time. Or, your life does not allow for weekly sessions. We can design a retreat or workshop to fit your needs.

Couples,  families, individuals or segments of families (e.g. mother-daughter) have found success in my customized workshops which allow for immersion into the work in a safe environment. Workshops give us the flexibility to design a retreat with elements of eating, exercise, location, lifestyle with our guidance.

You can choose a retreat or adventure-based model. We assess and evaluate what obstacles or potential hurdles stand in the way of meeting the goals and assist in developing realistic goals and develop therapeutic programming.

I believe you sought to understand the issues that I was facing in my life - as a person, as a husband and a father. In doing so, a level of trust and understanding was achieved that allowed me the freedom and strength to use the information you provided in our sessions to benefit my emotional and physical health. Your ability to guide the process was direct when required, and more subtle when you knew I needed to be pulled toward understanding, instead of pushed at it.
The work was expansive- a holistic sorting of issues present in many areas of my life. This allowed me a more thorough review and assessment of myself.