Couples, Family, & Individual Therapy


Relational changes have reverberating impacts, much like a drop of water on a still pond. When someone takes a look inside themselves, those discoveries go on to affect how they interact with others and with their environment. For that reason, healthy and sustained change may start with the one person but must not stop there - the family, community and workplace all play a role.


Clinical Concierge & THERAPEUTIC Placement

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and can’t find effective solutions for a loved one suffering from mental illness or addiction, We can help find a course of treatment for you.

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Retreats & workshops

Retreats or adventure-based workshops tailored and customized to couples and families.

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private practice

Help you to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for your relationships to heal, grow and change.

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Growth and understanding occurred only because of the openness to the process and environment Amanda created for me