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Amanda L. Thomas, MPhEd, LAMFT



Ricky Becker & James Rowland join Integrative Approach

Sandpoint, Idaho, January 1, 2019— Amanda Thomas, founder and owner of Integrative Approach, is grateful to announce the joining of Ricky Becker to Integrative Approach’s Concierge Service and James Rowland as Practice Manager.

Ricky is an outstanding clinical professional with a dedication to serving his client’s needs; he possesses a unique combination of clinical sophistication, integrity and compassion for his families. Ricky will be providing clinical consultation to families by assessment, tailoring recommendations for treatment, intensive case management and personalized immersions.

James Rowland is an experienced direct care staff in the private and community mental health sector.  During the past 15 years has developed an ability to manage the vast needs of Integrative Approach practice and his dedication to quality customer service, attention to detail and compassionate approachability makes him indispensable.

Integrative Approach is a premier clinical concierge company providing professional mental health & addiction support to families and organizations throughout the country.


If you would like more information, please call James Rowland at 208-272-0976 or email

Pervasive Entangling

Pervasive Entangling

Imagine a tree, small, covered with thorns. It is growing next to your house. At first it is small, but as it begins to grow, its roots dig deep into the soil. As the tendrils reach deeper, they begin to invade your home. They stretch into tiny crack in the foundation, wrap around plumbing systems and hamper buried electrical systems. This tree, originally small and unobtrusive, now threatens the entire foundation and well-being of your home. It is pervasive entangling, a continual and detrimental interweaving of two systems. Now hold that thought.