Relational changes have reverberating impacts, much like a drop of water on a still pond. When someone takes a look inside themselves, those discoveries go on to affect how they interact with others and with their community.

For that reason, healthy and sustained change starts with the one person but doesn't stop there - the family, community and workplace all experience the change. 

Relationships are part of our human survival strategy.  When our relationships are healthy we can thrive; when they turn unhealthy, be it a relationship to another person, substance, and/or behavior, we are at risk of suffering. This is more than simply my opinion. What is really great is science has been able to study the impact of healthy versus unhealthy relationships on our brain and validates the systemic work I so passionately love. 


This year I really do have something to be thankful about and I don’t need to think about what it is! We are so thankful to have both our kids safe and home.